Looking for a Students Consultant for UK VISA?

Where To Study in UK

Part of our mission, for offering student visas consultancy, is to always remain student-focused – ensuring we match students with the right universities.

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For Students

We work with many universities, colleges and schools, in UK, in all major English speaking study destinations to help migrants from Pakistan, Nigeria and Middle East to easily accommodate.

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For Institutions

Each Cogent client has a dedicated client relationship manager from the team in the UK to facilitate them in getting more applications to the right department.

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COGENT EDUCATION CONSULTANTS is a UK based education consultancy which provides impartial counselling and application services for international students (Pakistan, Nigeria, UAE, Middle East) wishing to study at high colleges and universities in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Malaysia, Cyprus, Germany, Russia, China, Georgia and other countries on request.

Our student immigration counselors are professional and well versed in all aspects of the various education. Cogent Education Consultants, a team of highly experienced professionals in education counselling, student placements into various institutions abroad, visa counselling and international student support services. We can help you find a place at a university that is right for you.

Our Services

Student Consultancy

We offer professional advice and guidance to students from Pakistan, Nigeria, and Middle East, wishing to study overseas, either at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Strategic Consultation

Our experts conduct initial comprehensive brainstorming sessions which involve a pre- career testing and personality analysis.

Institute Selection

We synthesise the information gathered during the initial strategic consultation and provide you with a comprehensive, detailed overview of the institute(s) we identify as most fitting.

Supplementary Materials

Our consultants work with students to create specific Letter of Recommendation (LOR) plans for each of individual recommenders.

Travel and Aviation Consulting

Study popular tourism destinations and improve your sales skills to successfully advice your clients on the best travel options.

Few of the many programmes we can help you in are:

  • English Language Program
  • Foundation Year
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Masters
  • Diploma
  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • Medicine
  • Arts
  • Information Technology
  • Management and Commerce
  • Health
  • PhD Program
  • Summer School/ Study
  • Vocational training
  • Creative Arts

If you are looking for other program, please do not hesitate to enquire.