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How does the UK Visa Five-Tier system categorization work? Let’s explore!

The United Kingdom is one of those countries in the world that are the ultimate destinations for most people. The reasons are the job opportunities, living standard, and secured future. However, due to the high demands, it is quite difficult to get a UK immigration visa. To get success in the visa process, we need to understand how it works.

The following post will help you out in this regard.

The UK has four nations named England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. As the country has varied features, so the job seekers and immigrants come from all over the world here and can earn better than their native countries. As the UK is one of the most favorite countries in the world, so the immigration process is a bit difficult and unique. The most important feature of the UK immigration process is its five-tier point-based visa system introduced in 2008-2010.

The government of the United Kingdom introduced this system to help the visa applicants evaluate their eligibility, whether they want to come on a student visa, work permit or permanent immigration. Since 2010, the authorities have introduced numerous amendments in the system as they want to limit the immigrants.

Let’s describe all the five tiers of the UK visa five-tier system to develop understanding among the interested immigrants!

Tier 1

High-value immigrants can apply for this visa. For that, they need not be EEA. It means that they should not be entrepreneurs, investors, and talented people.

Tier 2

The authorities offer this visa for all those skilled workers who do not fall in the category of the EEA. These are those people who migrate to the UK as they get offers from companies in the United Kingdom. Ministers of religion and sports personalities also fall in the same category.

Tier 3

To overcome the shortages of labor, the UK authorities offer this visa. However, we have no information till today that they have issued such visas to any skilled worker on these bases.

Tier 4

This tier is only for students. The important clause of this tier is that the student must have more than 16 years of age, are outside the EEA, and have got an admission before filing the visa application.

Tier 5

This visa type has six sub-tiers. This tier actually deals with temporary workers. Charity workers, sportsmen, and women, the participants of the youth mobility scheme and religious workers are also a part of this tier. This tier is the most wonderful visa scheme that allows more than 55,000 people to come to the UK every year and generate money during working holidays for their family.

Other UK immigration Visas

Except for this five-tier visa system, some other visa options are available for the immigrants that are visitor visas, business visas, and family visas.

Let’s explore these visas as well!

Visitor visas are for those people who want to visit the United Kingdom for pleasure or business. Family visas are for those people who are living in the UK and want to invite their families back in their motherlands. Business visas give the opportunity to those who want to start their business in the United Kingdom.


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