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What should an applicant know before applying for a UK student visa? (Part 1)

Mostly, the applicants do not know how to plan before applying for a UK student visa. It matters a lot as the maximum information not only improves the chances of getting a visa but also helps you face minimum issues after your arrival. Here are a few tips that will help you as an applicant enjoy a more comfortable situation in case of applying visa for education in the UK.

International students

All the international students must keep in mind is that the student visa applications are overwhelming. Therefore, they must be very careful before applying for it. For that, they need to know the whole visa process, the pre-requisites like bank accounts and health insurance, and procedural requirements. So, the best practice is to keep everything in your mind to the last minute.

Fund generation process

Before doing anything, you need to generate funds for funding your degree. The applicants belonged to the European Union, can get student finance in the UK, so they have no worries about the tuition fee. However, the applicants, who come from outside the European Union, face a huge amount of fee that can be between £10,000 to £35,000 a year. You must remember that in the case of accepting visa applications by the UK authorities, you need to present evidence in which the required amount must be available.

Requirements for visa application

It depends on your country from where you are coming.If you belong to the member countries of the EU, EEA or a Swiss national, you need not to apply visa for studies.If you do not belong to the countries described-above, you can apply short-term study visa (Minimum of six months and up to one year) for short courses or Tier-4 study visa that the authorities will give you in case of applying for a degree. To get these visas, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • You need to present Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS). It is proof that you have got the admission in the university.
  • You need to provide a bank statement as proof of finances. Through this document, you need to prove that you can bear the tuition fee of the university, and £1,015 per month for a living expense.
  • You must improve your English learning skills. For that, you need to appear in the English language test and present the certificate in front of the authorities.
  • You need to pay the healthcare surcharge as well along with the visa application.

Prepare yourself to live in the UK

The UK accepts people from all over the world. Its diverse culture welcomes everyone without any differences related to region, caste, language, and culture. You will find fellow students from numerous countries in your universities, and you can associate with all of them through societies that they have developed to help you find like-minded people from similar backgrounds. You can also social media groups to discuss specific concerns faced by you during your studies as well.

The weather conditions are wet and cold. So, you need a good stock of waterproof and warm clothes there. The summer season is not as hot as it is in the other parts of the world.


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