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What should an applicant know before applying for a UK student visa? (Part 2)

There are still some tips for the applicants of UK student visa that are important. In the following post, we will discuss them as well to equip you to handle all types of situations in the UK.

Sort out the issue of your accommodation

It is very important, especially for those students who need to manage their expenses with great care. It is a must to arrange your accommodation before you land in the UK. Your first choice must be living in a university hostel. It is available only if you will apply before a certain date. The second option is to rent a room after partnering with some students.

If you want to focus on studies, the best practice is to stay in the university hostel. In case of not availing this opportunity, you can go for a single room. For that, you need like-minded people who will help you concentrate on your studies; otherwise, there can be a mess.

You must have health insurance

It is a must for all international students. However, the rules are different for the nationals of the             European Union and non-EU nationals. EU nationals need only to present the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in front of the National Health Service (NHS). Conversely, non-EU nationals need to pay a health surcharge along with visa application that will entitle you to get access to NHS in case of staying in the UK.

Open a bank account

We recommend you to open a bank account in the UK within days in case of staying here for more than a semester. It helps you save your money, pay the utility bills, and avoid foreign currency expenses. You need to start this process immediately as it is a time-taking task. The reason is that the banks ask numerous questions that you need to answer.

The major documents you require are a valid passport, a valid visa, proof of address (both in the UK and mother country), proof of income, and student status. You must remember that your presence in the bank is also essential in this regard.

Plan out how to call back at your home

We assure you that it can be panicking in most situations. The best practice in this regard is to check whether your smartphone is workable in the UK or not. Change the phone, if there is such an issue. The second step is to buy the local SIM because calling from your local SIM can be very expensive. To know more about the calling procedure, you need to spend some time, as with the passage of time, you will learn everything about it.

Figure out public transport

Using public transport in the UK is a bit daunting task. So, you need to get maximum awareness as early as possible. There are local bus services, Metro in the Newcastle, and the Tube in London are also available. But, you do not know, which transport will help you in reaching a specific location. You can resolve this issue within a few days, but initially, you can get help from your fellows, roommates, and other people who know the routes and can give guidelines to you according to your requirement.

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