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Studying in the UK attracts international students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. It is widely due to;

  • Quality and high standards of qualification that is recognised all over the world by leading employers and institutions.
  • Diversification is another reason. Not only in choice of courses available but also a healthy mix of cultures a student experience. UK has something for everyone.
  • UK courses tend to be shorter but very concise and intense which save time and cost for students. Undergraduate courses are normally 3 year and masters are usually 1 year. However shorter time period never means you will miss anything or will be rushed, as that is never the case.
  • Employment is also linked to your studies in most courses. So when you are done with your qualifications you are more desirable to the employers.
  • Along with degrees UK also has vocational courses. You can also choose a course that has more work experience or work experience abroad
  • English being the main language, it helps students to develop this skill further for better future prospects.
  • UK has the 2ndhighest number of Noble Prize winners and is always a world leader in research and innovation.
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